Our History

Tippmann Armory is a manufacturer of Vintage Style High Powered Hunting Rifles, based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

For over three decades, Dennis Tippmann has developed, manufactured and sold quality U.S. built product lines including machine guns, airguns, sewing equipment, die cutting equipment, post driving equipment and now Vintage Style Hunting Rifles.

The Tippmann family, headed by Dennis Tippmann Senior, originally manufactured collectible, half-scale replica machine guns. However, a change in gun laws led to the entry into the emerging airgun market in 1986. Tippmann Pneumatics, Inc. built and sold millions of U.S. made airguns.

Tippmann Pneumatics, concentrated on manufacturing the most durable products on the market. Through innovation and design, Dennis Tippmann developed the most rugged, best-selling airguns in the world.

From 2005-2012, Dennis Tippmann concentrated on some of his other product lines built through Tippmann Industrial Products. Tippmann Industrial Products manufactures die cutting presses, sewing equipment and post driving equipment. In 2012 Dennis Tippmann decided it was time to get back into the gun industry, at which time he started Air-Ordnance, manufacturer of fully automatic belt fed air powered pellet machine guns.

In 2014, Tippmann Armory was launched. Tippmann Armory, a firearm manufacturer, concentrates its manufacturing on building Vintage Style Hunting Rifles. Tippmann Armory is currently producing .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum hunting rifles. For more information on the Tippmann Armory line or to request a catalog, please call Tippmann Armory.

Toll Fee: 800-671-1498

We have a new rifle line.

We have been manufacturing firearms since 1980! We started out creating replicas of old war Gatling guns and machine guns. We moved forward to airguns and now we are revisiting the firearms sector by creating a vintage Rolling Block Rifle.

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We were in Guns Illustrated.

In 1986, we made the cover of Guns Illustrated. We shortly moved into airguns because of the changing laws for manufacturing of full auto machine guns.

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Become a dealer!

We are accepting dealer applications. Would you like to sell our beautiful vintage rifles? Click HERE for your application

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